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Neware Battery Cycler - DCIR


1) DCIR is a key parameter to the battery performance. To calculate DCIR, there should be 2 voltage values and 2 current values.

2) You can select record rows from the data area directly to calculate DCIR, or launch DCIR calculator by clicking the DCIR tool on the tool bar or the command on the right click menu of the data area.

DCIR Marking

The rows selected for DCIR marking should be applied in couple to mark DCIR records.

You cannot mark more DCIR records between DCIR marking.

3) If you already marked DCIR records, you will see the result in the data grid by clicking Refresh button on the prompt dialogue.

neware battery cycler DCIR-Calculator


4) You can choose Step DCIR or Pulse DCIR to load the targeted data to calculate DCIR. If you click Step DCIR, there will be options provided to enable you manage what step groups and the exact records be accounted as DCIR raw data. HPPC test from FreedomCAR manual has a DCIR algorithm which draws data from the last point of rest and the data from the last point of the 10 seconds pulse – discharge or regen. Now we set the step groups and data select methods. Click OK will show the calculation result in the data grid. You can copy or export them.

neware battery cycler Step-DCIR-Settings


neware battery cycler Step-DCIR-Result



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