CE-6000 Module Pack Tester

CE-6000 series regenerative battery module pack tester designed for secondary battery charge/ discharge test, specialized in testing high power module/ pack battery. It has a high dynamic response speed, high accuracy. Also, the regenerative function is included to greatly reduce power consumption during the discharge test.  The CE-6000 series battery testing system supports channels to expand. Multi-channel can be chosen. Each module is 120V50A, and you can add the module according to your real test requirement. Each module has built-in parallel channels. The parallel function aims to increase the max current in real tests, saving the cost to expand the large range. The parallel function also is safety and reliability. Furthermore, withing using powerful BTS8.0 software which independent develop by Neware, you can test the driving simulation test, HPPC test, DCIR test, capacity test, and other tests required high sample data rate, high accuracy, and high response speed.

Current Response Time



Support/ Smart Switched

Current Accuracy




Charge/Discharge Efficiency


Simple Cabinet

Easy maintenance

Data Acquisition Frequency



Multiple Protection
  • Modularization; Each module is 4 channels 120V50A. Expandable for 8 channels/ 12 channels, etc. in one cabinet.

  •  Parallelled; Up to 4 channels to be parallelled connection, can reach 200A in one module. 

  •  Regeneration; The regenerative function is included to greatly reduce power consumption during the discharge test.

  •  Communication; Able to log parameters from BMS, Chamber, I/O signals as a condition for cut-off or protection during testing. Support CANbus, RS485 protocol, SMbus, I²C.

  •  Simulation; Because of high dynamic response speed, it supports the profile dynamic simulation, such as DCIR, HPPC, NEDC, FUDC, and other tests.
Module Specification
120V50A Specification
Power 48KW
Power Accuracy ±0.2% of FS
Voltage Range 10V~120V
Voltage Accuracy ±(0.02% of FS+0.02% of RD)
Voltage Resolution AD:16bit
Current Range 0.25~50A
Current Accuracy ±(0.02% of FS+0.02% of RD)
Current Resolution AD:16bit
Paralleled 100A(4CH)、200A(2CH)
Model CE-6004n-120V50A (4 Channels)
  CE-6008n-120V50A (8 Channels)
  CE-6012n-120V50A (12 Channels)
  CE-6004n-120V100A (4 Channels)
  CE-6008n-120V100A (8 Channels)
  CE-6002n-120V200A (2 Channels)
Working Mode CC、DC、CV、Rest、Pulse,Simulation,DCIR, etc.
Pulse Mode Min. 200ms
Simulation Mode Min. 100ms recorded / Max. 100million lines data to be downloaded 
Current Response Time ≤5ms
Data Record 10Hz(100ms),△t:(0.1s ~60000s),△U:60mV,△I:25mA
Current Switch Time(-90% to 90% Load) ≤10ms
Temperature Coefficient(Voltage/ Current) <50 ppm/℃
Charge/Discharge Efficiency >85%
Protection Built-in protection mode. Over charge/ discharge protection, Scram protection, Open circuit protection,etc.
  •  Li-ion Battery

  •  Supercapacitor; EDLC

  •  Lead-acid Battery

  •  LFP Battery

  •  Flow Battery

  •  Lithium-sulfur battery

  •  Fuel Cell Battery

  •  Other types of batteries
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