BVIR - Portable Voltage & AC Resistance Meter

BVIR tester specialized in testing Ni-MH battery, Lithium battery, Lead-acid battery, and other secondary charge/discharge batteries. BVIR can test the voltage& resistance(OCV & IR) easily.

Voltage, AC Resistance as Defined by IEC Standards
BVIR-Portable Voltage-AC Resistance-Meter-Neware-battery-testing-system-cycler
AC Resistance and Voltage
4-Wire (Kelvin) Connections
Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Easy to Calibrate
USB Icharging plug
Storage for Up to 100,000 readings
Limit testing with pass/fail signals
BVIR Specification

CR-20V-2000mΩ  Battery Internal Resistance Tester

Model: CR-20V-2000mΩ   Material Code: CR-20V-2000mΩ
Description Product Specifiction
Measuring Method Four-terminal Connecting  
Voltage Measuring Range 0V~20V
Accuracy ± (0.1%  of  FS  + 1 of  reading)
Resistance Measuring Range Automatic Shift : 0~200mΩ or 200~2000mΩ
Accuracy 0mΩ ~200mΩ ± (1%FS)
200mΩ~2000mΩ ± (3%FS)
A/D Mode SAR 12-bit successive comparison method
Rate Measuring Rate 1kHz
Sampling rate 100 times/S
Refresh Rate  5 times/S
Measuring Current Max   AC 20mA 
Comparator Switch Mode Mannual Switch on/off 
Number of Comparators  Fourteen sets of voltage upper/lower limit and inter-resistance upper/lower limit 
Warning Alarm open or shutdown buzzer
Buzeer will drone if the test data is abnormal
Green Indicator Light: Pass;
Red Indicator Light:  Fail;
Data Storage 100, 000 sets of test data can be locally enquired or be uploaded to PC
View Data User can view and edit saved data
Calibration Zero-point calibration Simultaneous zero-scale calibration for voltage and internal resistance
Voltage Calibration  Using external DC 1V~5V (user-defined) 
voltage reference
AC inter-resistance Calibration Using 10~200mΩ (user-defined)  precision resistor to calibrate the internal resistance
External Control Terminal  Automated shifting output; USB communication function 
Preheating  3min  above