NEWARE Battery Testing System is supported to test DCIR.

DCIR: Direct Current Internal Resistance.

The internal resistance of the battery includes ohmic resistance and polarization resistance, DC resistance measurement is to take all the two parts of the resistance and measure the method, also known as dynamic resistance. Internal resistance is an important indicator of the performance of the battery, a small internal resistance of the battery discharge capacity of large current, internal resistance of the battery is large, on the contrary, the use of DC discharge, according to different current voltage changes to calculate the resistance.

Neware Battery Cycle Life Test-Battery Cycler

To test battery life cycle, you can use neware bts-4000 battery cycler to test. Neware battery cycler can be step cycle to 65535.

Battery life is an important parameter to measure the performance of secondary batteries. In a certain charge and discharge system, the battery capacity down to a specified before the gangrene, the battery can withstand the number of cycles, we call the secondary battery cycle life.

Neware Battery Testing System

BTS and BTSDA are the bundled softwares to Neware battery testing instruments, BTS(client and server) is a typical C/S structure software for controlling battery tests: program the battery testing schedules, start battery tests, sort and grade batteries according to user-defined conditions, etc. And BTSDA is the Data Analyzer for the battery testing results. It shows the data in curves and is capable of exporting data into xls or txt format for further using.

Neware-9000 Seris Pulse Test 

Cutting-edge Technology for Battery Material Research

The sixth-generation tester BTS-9000 was developed,providing the highperformance test solution to battery material research. Strengthen our market share of EV battery testing equipment.

GSM/CDMA/GPRS and other pulses tests; Cyclic Voltammetry; Rate, Static capacity, cycle lifeand etc.