Since 1998, Neware has been committed to providing world-class testing solutions for the batteries and capacitors. Thus far Neware has provided flexible, high accuracy battery testing equipment to more than 32,000 customers worldwide ranging from battery manufacturers to R&D institutes, Customers state they love the stable, cost-effective battery testing equipment, along with the great service of Neware.

    Not only above products presented as milestones in the past 15 years of development, but also:

  • Automated calibration system for a large amount of testing equipment.
  • Automated capacity testing machine, our BTS 3000 integrated.
  • Automated DCR testing machine, our BTS 4000 integrated.
  • Energy saving models for mass formation and testing.
  • Specially customized software provided to make big data management or even sharpen business model.

Except our products, also:

We are ISO9001:2015 certified.

We adopt SAP as our ERP system.

We are a member of China Industrial Association of Power Sources. We support hundreds of academic institutes testing system by free.

We are a member of China Software Industry Association. And our software achieves level 3 of CMMI maturity rating.

We are a Top 500 Growing Enterprise certified by SHENZHEN government.

We are also an Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relation.


Continuous researching and innovation in battery testers 

  • 1999: The first-generation tester came out, bacsed on RS232.
  • 2001: BFGS(Battery Formation & Grading System).
  • 2003: The 2nd-generation tester CT-2000 came out.
  • 2004: ISO9001 certified, and SAP introduced.
  • 2006: The 3rd-generation tester CT-3000 wa developed successfully up to 21kVA.
  • 2007: Office and factory space expanded.
  • 2008: The 4th-generation tester CT-4000 was developed successfully, featuring pulse and DCIR tests capability.
  • 2009: CT-6000 and auxiliary channel, providing EV battery testing capabilities, had been developed successfully. And Neware had grown into one of the main suppliers of EV battery testers in China.
  • 2010: The 5th-generation tester CT-8000 was developed, providing driving cycle simulation capabilites. Our company was awarded the "Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise" and the "Top 500 Growing Enterprise" by the goverment.
  • 2011: IGBT-7000 Series(Applied for EV battery testing, Up to 800V1000A, 90%+ Electric feedback).
  • 2012: The 6th-generation tester CT-9000 was developed, providing the high-performance test solution for battery material research.
  • 2013: LIMS was launched for laboratory information management. It complies with ISO17025 and focused on testing process and resuly management. And we were awarded the "Top 100 Independent Innovative S&M Enterprise". New instrument utilizing regenerative technology successfully launched.
  • 2014: Attended Battery Japan 2014 and Battery Show 2014 as an exhibitor.
  • 2015: More CT-9000 models launched successfully. The market share of Neware reached a new height.
  • 2016: CT-9000 has more order in the high-end market, and its excellent performance is gradually approved by large battery manufacturers. The regenerative CE equipment gradually replaces the CT series and saves energy significantly for customers
  • 2017: Sales increases 1.5 times comparing with year 2016. Neware has joined in more than conference and exhibitions domestically and overseas.
  • 2018: Through our reliable products and sincere services, Neware has been rewarded with an ever-increasing loyal customers and market share.