CE-7000 Pack Tester

CE-7000 series, as the new generation testing system with high voltage voltage and high power output capability, is designed for the tests of battery pack.
CE-7000 series utilizes IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology which is much different from traditional power deivices and control methods. Stable and reliable testing control performance makes CE-7000 the best system for EV battery and energy storge battery.



Minimum Pulse Width


Data Acquisition Frequency


CANBus/ Simulation


Response Time


Test Project

Cycle Life/ Rate/ Capacity/ DICR Test
Widely Range to Choose
CE-7000 series(IGBT)
Power 75kVA 150kVA 300kVA 600kVA
Voltage 60~1000V
Current 100A~1000A
Function Test: Capacity; Current; Voltage; Energy, etc.
Test Project: Cycle Life; Over charge/discharge;
DCIR test; HPPC test; Simulation Test
Grading: Detect the voltage and temperature of each single cell in battery packs
CANBus Communication: Support BMS/ BMU communication
C-Rate test: C-Rate Charge/ Discharge
Parallel Channel: Up to 2 Channels
Range: Voltage:60V~1000V;
Resolution: AD: 16bit; DA: 16bit
Accuracy: ±0.1% of FS
Respond Time:
Current(10%~90%)Respond Time≤10ms
Data Acquisition Frequency: 10Hz
support Δt/ΔU/ΔI as record conditon
Mode Charge:CCC, CVC, CC&CVC, CPC, Pulse, Simulation
  Discharge:CCC, CPD, Simulation
Regenerate Efficiency: >90%
Harmonic Wave: >5%
Power Factor 0.99(full-loading)

About the IGBT-7000 System Power Quality

AC to DC Current Voltage Phase
DC to AC Current Voltage Phase 
igbt-7000/DC-to-AC-neware-battery-testing system-cycler
PF0.99-neware-battery-testing system-cycler


CE-7000 Series Battery Charge/ Discharge Tester
60V100A 100V100A 100V150A 100V200A 100V300A
200V100A 200V200A 200V300A 300V100A 300V200A
300V300A 300V500A 500V100A 500V200A 500V300A
500V400A 700V100A 700V200A 700V300A 700V400A
750V200A 750V300A 750V600A 900V400A 1000V1000A
*The above models are listed in part. Please contact us for more models.


Electric Vehicle Pack Battery
Electric Vehicle Two Wheel
Electric Vehicle Three Wheel
Electric Vehicle Four Wheel
ESS(Energy Storge System)
Telecommunication Base Station
Super Capacitor
Other large power battery system

Flexiable software, smart neware battery analysis.

Different testing process can be set, our software is programmable. Each testing curve can be set in our analysis interface. Data can be export to excel/ text file in order to analysis well. Smart analysis software help you easy to read the testing data.
The key control circuit of IGBT system uses digital signal processor (DSP) as key digital circuit. Based on TI's C2000 platform, its abundant peripheral resources and high-speed digital computing capabilities enable it to meet the needs of data processing and system control.
For some battery packs with BMS, our CE-7000 serie has CANBus port to connect your battery BMS and communicate it.
For some battery packs without BMS, our auxiliary voltage and temperature sensors will help you to detect the voltage and temperature of each single cell in battery packs.

Recycle Battery Function

If you have recovery battery pack, like Toyota Prius battery pack (generally, each piece has 6 single Ni-MH cell, then several pieces batteries assembed in one pack), and you need to check each single cell for capacity, cyclie life, resistance, etc. Then assemble the battery cell after sorting by capacity, resistance. You will get the new battery pack. And last you will test the battery pack to check the real capacity and other function parameter.

As above mentioned, you can use our BTS-4000 series single cell battery tester and CE-7000 series battery pack tester to run the test, make sure all of your batteries are good you can know.