Neware participated in the Seventh China International Energy Storage Conference that was jointly hosted by China Industrial Association of Power Sources, China Photovoltaic Society, China National Solar Thermal Energy

The-Seventh-China-International-Energy-Storage-Conference-Neware-Battery-Tester Alliance, China Mobile Group Design Institute Co., Ltd., China General Certification Center, University of Birmingham etc. in beautiful garden city Suzhou. This conference attracted more than 60 top experts, 30 mainstream media and 1300 distinguished guests from scientific researches and top executives of over 20 countries.

【April 14th -16th , 2017, Xiamen, the Second National New Energy and Chemistry New Energy Academic Meeting and National Energy Exchange and Storage Material Academic Seminar】Neware was honored to

The-Second-National-New-Energy-and-Chemistry-New-Energy-Academic-Seminar-Neware-Battery-Cyclerparticipate in this forum summit and we clearly recognized that energy exchange and storage material were the key material to achieve the use of new energy exchange and development of new energy techniques nowadays. With the continuous growing on new energy material industrial application, scientific research and technological innovation on energy exchange and storage material indicated its more prominent and significant role.