DCIR Test-Neware Battery Testing System

NEWARE Battery Testing System is supported to test DCIR.

DCIR: Direct Current Internal Resistance.

The internal resistance of the battery includes ohmic resistance and polarization resistance, DC resistance measurement is to take all the two parts of the resistance and measure the method, also known as dynamic resistance. Internal resistance is an important indicator of the performance of the battery, a small internal resistance of the battery discharge capacity of large current, internal resistance of the battery is large, on the contrary, the use of DC discharge, according to different current voltage changes to calculate the resistance.


To test DCIR:  According to the different current I1, I2 under the voltage changes U1, U2 to calculate the internal resistance.


To avoid the acquisition point of a single collection of the rising edge of the recording point, you can select any point on the curve. When calculating the DCIR in the charge or discharge pulse step, the user can freely select any data of any step as the sampling point.

neware battery testing system dcir

Neware Battery Testing System has professional step to setting: 

neware battery testing system dcir

neware battery testing system dcir

You also step the DCIR by choosing the Pulse DCIR


HPPC test generally completed by Neware BTS4000 battery testing equipment. HPPC test can be completed on the battery DC resistance test.

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