Connect battery testers to computer

For mostly customers, before you are excited to start up a test, the 1st thing you are supposed to do is connect the tester to your computer, right? If you are new to our instruments, let's take you a quick tour on how to hook up the machine with your computer.

For BTS3000(COM port) users

please refer to this article: Connect BTS3000(COM port) to Computer

You are supposed to use RS232+USB(the black box in the following picture, which we'll deliver to you with the BTS3000) to connect the BTS3000 to your computer.

Warning: Don't try to connect BTS3000 directly to your computer by the COM port.

For BTS3000 upgraded to network edition and BTS4000 users:

Step 1: Hook up all the testers together, and connect the middle machine with the computer or a switch, please refer to the following sketch and the picture in actual use in our lab.
neware battery tester connecting
Step 2: Install the software, of course you already did this, but also remember to make sure:
1. turn off the windows firewall(if it's running, you can turn it off from the 'control panel'-'administrative tools'-'services'-'windows firewall', turn it off) and try connection again.
If connected successfully, please ignore the following steps.
2: If it doesn't work or the firewall isn't running.
Please find the services of MySQL and neware bts, make sure they are running.
neware battery tester mysql
Step 3: Make sure the IP of your computer and the middle machine are in the same network segment. Generally, the default IP address of our middle machine would be 192.168.1.x, so please make sure to set up the IP of your computer also to 192.168.1.x. This is very important. Set the server ip address of the machine to the computer ip address. Please refer to the following picture(right click on the zwj list 192.168.1.x, and choose menu 'mofiy device mac/ip', and change the 'device server address' same as the ip address of the computer).
neware battery tester setting
Step 4: Then you can start up the software, if you can see nodes like BTS78/79/80 under the IP address, which means the connections work well. Then you are ready to rock!
Now you can map the channels and start up the tests!
neware battery tester bts
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