How to change the neware tester Unit ID (BTS 4000 series)

Maybe you get the new neware battery tester which Unit ID has same with older one.

So you have to modify the new neware battery tester Unit ID to different number, here is step-by-step tutorial teach you how to change the neware tester Unit ID (BTS 4000 series)


1, Installation

neware battery tester-changeID-step0

Follow the steps to install the NwMod software:

neware battery tester-changeID-step1

neware battery tester-changeID-step2

neware battery tester-changeID-step3

neware battery tester-changeID-step4

neware battery tester-changeID-step5

neware battery tester-changeID-step6

You will get the NwMod icon on the desktop:

neware battery tester-changeID-icon

Open it with high permission:

neware battery tester-changeID-step7

neware battery tester-changeID-step8


Follow below link to download the tutorial document and NwMod software.!AuO479Zf1RsagRJEzGnGUqt4ASjU

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