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Neware Battery Cycler - Map Operation

Map Operation

1) Below picture presents you the relationship of real channels on board and mapping channels in software.

neware battery cycler Device-Update


2) Right click in the main content area, Navigate to Reset Map. This will prompt a dialogue guiding you set the map. You can see Device 11 has total 32 main channels (index from 0) and 224 auxiliary channels. You can map them.

neware battery cycler Channel-Mapping.


3) You can drag the channels from left list to the right blank column. The bigger rectangle is for main channel, and smaller for auxiliary channel. You can arrange how many main channels in one row. Program provides 8 channels, 16 channels or 32 channels.

neware battery cycler Set-Main-Channel-Mapping


4) For auxiliary channels, we provide 2 options. You can assign equal channel quantity for all the main channels. (Each get 7 auxiliary channels if you assign 224 auxiliary channels to 32 main channels,)

neware battery cycler Set-AUX-Channel-Mapping--Average


Or you can make the channels have smaller unit number prior to hold auxiliary channels. (1 main channel can max hold 248 auxiliary channels, but default setting is max 16 auxiliary channels.224 auxiliary channels for 32 main channels, Only the first 14 main channels will host auxiliary channels, and each has 16 auxiliary channels. )

neware battery cycler Set-Aux-Channel-Mapping-Priority


If you want to have all the 224 auxiliary channels assigned to the single one main channel, you should double click on the mapped main channel to prompt dialogue. Use” default map” to assign all the auxiliary channels to the main channel you selected.

neware battery cycler Set-Aux-Channel-Mapping-Map-All



Mapping Operation

1) Too many auxiliary channels mapped will expand data. Removing unnecessary auxiliary channels before testing is highly recommended.

2) When you get a cross mapping for the channels, you should clearly know how they are mapped.

3) A maximum number of 248 for the auxiliary channels could be assigned for one main channel.



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